Happy Valentine’s Day (or, things my husband should know by now…)

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow – and no, it’s not a big holiday in our household. Sure I like chocolate but not enough for a commercial holiday to tell me to buy a box of expensive, heart-shaped delicacies for my loved one. My philosophy is just to go out and treat myself (or whoever is with me) to chocolate whenever I feel like it (yes, I am that type of independent woman). 
Plants and flowers are an entirely different mystery to me. I think I can count the number of times John bought me flowers on one (maybe two) hands in the last 5 years and that’s really ok with me as I am not a plant person by any means. There’s plenty on the domestic side that I greatly enjoy like cooking and baking and as of recently, even knitting, but plants, that’s a whole different field that I never quite understood. 
And it’s not like I don’t try. Sure, I do enjoy looking at plants and am quite aware of all the good stuff that goes along with having plants in your home but I’ve just never been particularly good at – ahem – keeping said plants alive. 
Exhibit 1:
A ficus that I bought a few months ago with the very serious hope of making it my ‘one’ plant that didn’t get away (i.e. die) …. and well …. you see the result. And I should probably be particularly proud of killing this plant as I set a reminder to myself to remember to water it (something that was a problem for previous plants in our home) … yup, the green thumb and I are not one…. at all.

So, last night, the fabulous husband returned home with a bouquet of flowers in hand. A very sweet surprise (again, can’t recall the last time he came home with flowers before that….oh wait, that wasn’t too long ago after a particularly frustrating day for me at home with the kids…. but I digress). I was just about to get out the vase (I do own one or two) but then took a closer look at the flowers. Do you see what I see?

Yup, they still have the bulbs on them. What? Now, I was confused and of course, consulted my best friend google.com right away to figure out what to do with said flowers. I read something about planting and stones and dirt and containers and water and my brain just shut down…. so I beg you, can someone please tell me what to do with these beautiful flowers?

When I asked John if he realized that they still have the bulbs on them, he said something like “yes, of course! It’s so you can plant them and keep them around a bit longer.” Clearly, we have not been married long enough for him to realize that those poor flowers are doomed…. anyway, happy Valentine’s Day all 🙂


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