The best weekend….ever!

It’s true. We know how to have fun….and living in a city that offers these types of fun things literally right at your door step makes having fun so much easier! 
This weekend clearly marked one of the best ones in our kids’ lives! Here’s a recap….
Saturday – kids & Dad outing to the Museum … yes, with new animal hats and all!
…so that I could stay behind and cook and bake at my heart’s content for a dinner party that consisted of yummy things like this ….
Sunday we took on an indoor playground, the one the kids had been asking to go back to … oh about a million times each day…. Once there, they jumped, bounced, ran, and climbed – over and over and over again…

And then today, we headed to the Vienna Eistraum, the ice skating rink in front of City Hall! What a fun day despite a bit of trepidation by the (three) novice skaters in our household!
Thank goodness for the little penguins to hang onto…
The blind leading the blind 🙂

Once Luca even worked up enough courage to step foot on the adult rink where penguins were not allowed! Not sure who was more nervous here!

And after a good lunch, Juliana decided to stop complaining and sitting in the cold and joined in on the fun!

It’s just hard when you’re barely taller than the little penguin that is leading your way!


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