Vienna Opera, a birthday, and another blog!

It’s been busy….that kind of busy that I haven’t had a chance to update in a few weeks.
For starters, I am still working strong on the EFM employment situation. AASFW just started a working group and revamped its spouse employment section on their website! Stay tuned to hear more from this energetic working group – we have plenty of ideas (email me at if you want to share a thought/concern or volunteer!) 🙂
Then, a friend and I started another blog here in Vienna for the English-speaking community listing and reviewing things to do and see here (thanks to Embassy Brasilia for the inspiration!). We have been gathering tons of information and have been joined by excellent contributors so this is already becoming a fun and collaborative endeavor! It’s our goal to see this type of website replicated at other posts to help newcomers and those contemplating bidding on a particular post (check out next month’s AAFSW newsletter for a guide on how to start a community blog!). 
And, speaking of social media, Google reader just announced it will terminate as of July 1st so I have now switched my blog-reading site to which has been a welcome easy and smooth transition! 
And finally – visitor season is upon us! My parents are in town celebrating a special 29th birthday for my Mom. And where did we take her? To this fancy “little” place…..

Not too shabby to celebrate your birthday at the Vienna Opera. Happy 29th Mom! Cheers!


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