Frohe Ostern — Happy Easter!

Christian holidays are huge in Austria so it’s no surprise that Easter Markets replaced all those Christmas Markets throughout the city. In fact there are so many painted Easter eggs here, that all those Austrian chickens must have been extra busy this year.
And let me just say, while these markets are very fun and display tons of beautifully hand-colored and decorated eggs … what on Earth are the Austrians thinking of displaying them like this with toddlers and kids running around? Cue in every single mother chasing after her kids and telling them repeatedly to “look only with your eyes … not your hands” – fortunately, we (and the many eggs) survived several visits and Juliana is now a pro at locating her eyes when reminded to look only with them!
At home, we colored and dyed our own eggs and fortunately were left without major messes or coloring fiascos (other than the color spilling all over my hand, leaving my fingers green and blue for a few days).

Frohe Ostern – happy Easter from our little bunnies!


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