Happy birthday weekend to me!

I turned 35 this weekend (gosh, remember when 35 seemed really old …. yeah, it’s not! I hardly feel any older) and it was one of my funnest birthdays so far! 
We met friends for brunch at a nice (and conveniently loud!) French cafe where I was a bit reluctant about how it was all going to work out when I called to reserve a table as they couldn’t accommodate our late request for a large table. Instead, the host suggested setting up an adult and a kids’ table …. yeah, I wasn’t so sure how that was going to work out but nevertheless, we prepped our toy bag (always packed to the fullest with coloring supplies, cars/trains/planes/anything that moves, little animals, and books) and set the kids up at their own table where they first settled into their comfy benches, studied the menu, ordered juice and croissants (and eggs later), and then sat at their table and peacefully colored and played for …. about 2 hours. Yes – unbelievable. Enough time for me to enjoy not 1 but 2 very much appreciated Kir Royals (I ate too, no worries!)!
Then, the kids (with John’s help) surprised me with a Viennese chocolate torte …. YUM (love the decoration touch of 3 candles and 5 roses so as not to overload the cake with too many candles to show my true age!)

And, the next night, John and I headed to the people’s opera house to see Strauss’ Die Fledermaus (the Bat). We knew nothing going in about the operetta but really enjoyed the music and storyline.

Perfect birthday weekend …. well, perhaps it would have been a tad bit better had it been warmer and stopped snowing. Seriously, is spring ever going to arrive here this year???


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