So where were we?

Oh yes, last you read I was secretly admiring John’s job while figuring out all sorts of cool technical features.

Well, a lot has happened in the past few weeks – for starters, it has gotten progressively hot here in Vienna, which has led us to spend a huge amount of time at parks and pools. Unfortunately, one of those park outings prompted a quick trip to the ER when Juliana woke up with a hugely swollen eye (ironically, it didn’t seem to bother her, she just kept on saying “I can’t see”). After a suspected eye infection, it turned out that she had a mosquito bite on her eye lid (there are sneaky little mosquitoes here, be forewarned). Here’s a picture of her after about half of the initial swelling had gone down:

Yes, she has her eye open here...
Yes, she has her eye open here…
Her new friend "Bruiser" that she got at the zoo following being a super excellent patient at the ER
Her new friend “Bruiser” that she got at the zoo following being a super excellent patient at the ER

This happened a few days after she was stung by a wasp (I had to remove the stinger) and a few days after Luca sat in some poisonous plant and developed a rash all over his little behind. Yes, it seems that I’ve been busy raising city slickers which is why we’re spending more time outdoors so that the kids can get a better and less painful familiarity with nature!

Other than that, I’ve been busy moving forward with our community website and a number of other volunteer projects (have you submitted your Tales Mag post or school report yet?). I am also slowly wrapping my brain around a little project I’ve been calling Nicole 4.0 – you know the upgraded (and perhaps paid!) version following

  • version 1:  Nicole as the former social scientist, turned stay at home mom who is figuring out what this mothering thing is all about and what craziness she has gotten into by agreeing to life in the Foreign Service
  • version 2: Nicole as the stay at home mom to now two kids while adjusting to life in Brazil and figuring out when her kids will allow her to sleep
  • version 3: Nicole as the more confident and comfortable stay at home parent and family member in the Foreign Service who is slaving away on her own dime to build communities, share information, and just have fun volunteering

More to follow on my version 4.0 – it’s nothing too serious or crazy to get excited about at the moment but I am enjoying the fact that I have some time left in Vienna to explore my portable career options. By the way, if you’re an EFM interested in advocating and exploring  EFM employment options, send me an email ( I did mention I was busy with a few of these volunteer projects, right?

Oh, and did I mention that we start bidding again soon? Yes, the fun never ends around here. More to come!


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