Next stop: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia!

Yes, you read that correctly.


We are moving to Mongolia! (note the ! which implies excitement – we are indeed very excited about this!!! See, triple !’s here!)

Well, first we’re moving to Washington DC for about a year and then we’re moving to Mongolia. But we’re really moving to Mongolia sometime summer 2015!

I think I can safely file this under the heading “things I never, ever thought I would say.” I mean, seriously, have you ever thought about moving to Mongolia? Nope….? Well, me either-until this past spring when John was scouring the projected openings in his preferred section (economics) and geographic area (after tours in Western Hemisphere/WHA and Europe, we were looking for an Asian assignment as we had – pre-kids – traveled around Southeast Asia quite a bit and liked it a lot).

One evening he casually mentioned that there was an opening in Ulaanbaatar with a position he’d be very interested in. So naturally, I jumped to the computer to google where on earth this place was that he was talking about (yes, there are 5 A’s in this spelling) and then gave my very thoughtful  response that certainly every good, supportive Foreign Service spouse has in similar situations: I started laughing and said something like “you’re pretty funny” or “you have got to be kidding me!” After a moment of awkward silence, I realized that apparently he wasn’t kidding.

And then the research ensued. It seems that after speaking to a number of people who had been posted there that 1) Mongolia is actually a real place to live and 2) people really love it there although 3) it can get arctic cold to the point where both the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales converge (does the absolute value of temperature really matter at this point? I guess we’ll find out!).

So we began to talk more seriously about it. John got in touch with the post and learned that the job would be extremely fascinating and I started wondering how to ship 2+ year’s worth of supplies across the world (our first consumables post). The other important stuff all checked out (school – first time moving with school-aged kids! Housing – apparently it is heated, sigh of relief!) and, we can actually buy the kids a horse for Christmas … so all that seemed as good as it could possibly get!

That’s the story in a nutshell – we’re very happy our family took it well (after the many initials “are you kidding me’s”) and let’s just say, the adventure is just beginning! We are really thrilled and excited but a little jittery too as it’s the first time we’re moving to a country we had never been to, there’s a completely new language and alphabet, and ….well…new/different everything …. well, it’s all part of the adventure we signed up for!


5 thoughts on “Next stop: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia!

  1. Sounds like incredibly exciting and challenging times are in your future! From what I’ve heard, though, Mongolian cuisine leaves much to be desired, so maybe your first order of business is making sure your kitchen is up and running haha. Can’t wait to read about it!

    PS I’m just a random blogger who randomly found your blog and now I’m lovin’ it. 🙂

    1. Hi Sally!
      Yes, I am thinking I will need to pack some kitchen essentials – you are blogging from that art of the world, right so any recommendations (as well as in terms of winter gear!) are much appreciated!
      Thanks for reading!

      1. Well I don’t much about Mongolia’s kitchen wares, but one of my favorite travel bloggers was there for travel and wrote some things you might find interesting:

        As for winter gear… lots of thin layers. Tons of them. As many as possible! And then a really big giant fuzzy blanket coat. That should do the trick. 🙂

  2. Das hört sich ja alles hochinteressant an,von der mogolischen Küche habe ich auch schon viel gehört und auch gegessen,aber ansonsten weiß ich nciht viel über das Land,aber du wirst mich auf dem laufenden halten,viel Glück!

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