Knitting obsession

It started last year – I blame others, really. All it took was a fun coffee and chat with a lovely group of women who painted, knitting, quilted, or otherwise created beautiful things while I just sat there, drank my coffee, and chatted away while my hands were not busy doing anything.

Since I enjoyed the company and admired the arts being created, I needed a “real” reason to go back to another arts/craft group gathering. I had always been curious about knitting and here in Vienna, with knitting and yarn stores galore (3 alone within a 10-minute walk of our home!), all the more reason to jump right in. That prompted the first (of many!) visit to a tiny, cozy yarn store, a chat with the owner, and a purchase of the first pair of knitting needles and a skein of yarn. Countless youtube tutorials and close study of “Stitch ‘n Bitch – the Knitter’s Handbook” later, I finished a first scarf that John graciously agreed to wear.

A year later and countless completed scarves and hats later, my knitting supplies and visits to yarn stores have grown exponentially…. some might say it’s starting to become a little obsession as I can’t sit down on the couch now without having knitting needles and some yarn in my hands. Fortunately this is a very portable and light (in weight!) obsession so it’s “Foreign Service” proof!

Knitting supplies (very likely to grow)
Knitting supplies (very likely to grow)

And now, that the kids are finally on board with this knitting business and wear their ballerina and green leg warmers proudly, they too enjoy going to yarn stores and picking out yarn for projects for them. That’s how I ended up with very bulky, warm green yarn – picked out by Luca because he needed a new hat. A brief search on led me to a fun and easy “really warm hat pattern” and voila – here’s the finished product (with a home-made pom-pom to top it off!)

Luca's new warm, green hat
Luca’s new warm, green hat

Since it’s such heavy yarn, it has to be the warmest hat ever – which will come in handy for those future Siberian/Mongolian winters.

holiday card4

Luca is thrilled with the hat but so is another little person….

Juliana swiping Luca's hat
Juliana swiping Luca’s hat

…which only means one thing: I’ll be knitting another one in purple (she already decided). Sounds like another trip to the yarn store for me!


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