The Christmas shark

So it was Christmas earlier this week which translates into the arrival of roughly a few hundred presents that leave me frantically searching for storage space and make me wonder (quietly) which precious new cargo makes its way into our air shipment “home” to DC next summer and what will have to wait to be reunited with us in Mongolia in 2015 (ah, the decisions…).

Oma and Opa traveled to Vienna to join in on the chaos and arrived just in time to thank patient zero (Juliana) for spreading her tummy troubles all around. Fortunately we all recovered for the big celebration of the Christmas shark Christmas Eve.


You see, when you see your sister all dressed up for Christmas and realize that you don’t have anything fancy to wear, you just pull out a shark costume and hey…it works, right? So yes, Luca spent the entire night of Christmas Eve dressed up as the Christmas Shark. I plan on trademarking the move and competing with the ‘elf on the shelf’ next year….

In our family, we celebrate both the German and the U.S. ways and divide presents by gift givers so that presents from German friends and family are opened on Christmas Eve and then Santa Clause arrives by sleigh over night carrying all of the presents from the U.S. – so yes, we equate Santa Clause with the mail man – that’s how it really goes, right? Anyway, let’s just say that there were a few presents here or there….


And, it would have been an uneventful Christmas had it not been for the playmobil explosion in our living room. You see, our kids recently became obsessed with these terribly annoying little pieces cute playsets so the grand-parents made sure that the kids’ requests were met. No big deal, we all thought until we opened the boxes and to say that chaos ensued would be the understatement of the evening.


There were thousands, I kid you not, thousands of (tiny) pieces that were (shockingly) not organized in any comprehendible way, the instructions were unclear, and just when we thought we figured it out, we had to take several steps back because something was missing or backwards. Argh ….  2+ hours for the pony stables and over 3 hours for the castle….and just when we thought we had put the final touches on the castle, I frantically realized that “Prince Charming” had gone AWOL. I could not find that stupid beautiful prince anywhere….until I saw this (mind you, this is hours of hours into our evening later)….

Playmobil exhaustion….those darn ponies

Can you see Prince Charming? No, look closer….he’s right here: Drinking a beer on the bench by the stables away from his castle.

Found him.

Opa did admit that this figure looked a little bit too dressy to work in the stables but again, at that point – 2800 hours of building later, he didn’t question anything anymore.

In other news – someone please send some snow to Vienna! Last year, we took the kids sledding on Christmas while this year, Luca learned to ride his own two-wheeler bike! So proud of him!


That’s all from Vienna right now. I am going to go and clean up the gazillion pieces of playmobil that have now exploded all over our home…


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