How we spent our Winter Stay-cation

When you have the hardship of being “stuck” in Vienna for winter break, what do you do? Well, here’s what we did…

  • took the kids shopping for new storage furniture to make room for all those gazillion of playmobil pieces that have invaded our living room
  • on the way home from said shopping, stopped for McDonald’s – something we never, ever eat (did I mention that our family physician back in our pre-kids NYC days was one of the doctors on “Supersize Me?”) – mainly because I was craving a burger. The kids could not get over the fast food concept (ordering and paying first, then sitting down) and the fact that they got a Hello Kitty toy with their happy meals. They were so enthralled that Luca asked, in all seriousness, “Mom, do they have this restaurant in America, too?” – oh the sheltered life they lead…
  • we toasted to the new year with the first kid sleep-over (our kids in their room plus our friends’ 1.5 year old slumbering on a few dozen blankets and stuffed animals in the middle between their beds) and welcomed the new year in style
Welcome to 2014 - "the year of the stripes"
Welcome to 2014 – “the year of the stripes”
  • we spent many a days swimming to our hearts’ content at the wonderful Dianabad – a true “adventure” pool land in every sense of the word
  • we visited the circus – a fun outing indeed and even better that we managed to go on “family day” for 5 Euros a person – and since I am such a great mother planner and got everyone out and about in more than enough time, we got front row seats to be really up close and personal to the animals. The kids’ favorite acts included the unicorn (yes, a real unicorn) and horses, of course. Mine were, hands-down, the Mongolian camels –  the kids had a bit more respect for them as I told them not to annoy them or they might spit. We still talk about spitting camels to this day
Silly times at the circus
Silly times at the circus
  • and we crossed another big thing off our bucket list – a trip on the old Wiener Riesenrad / Ferris wheel. Yup, this wheel has been turning for over 100 years  (since 1897 to be exact) and allows amazing views of the city when you go on a clear day


And now that we’re in 2014 in full swing, I am realizing that our time in Vienna is slowly coming to an end. In case it’s not obvious, we love this city and will be very sad to leave so here’s to making the next few months memorable and fun. And here’s to adding a few more trips to the mix as well.


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