You know you have an awesome husband when…

…he tells you – as soon as he finds out – that one of your favorite singers is scheduled to do a concert in Vienna and suggests you pick out some “nice” seats

…and then sits through the show after being offered countless “outs” of having to attend (“you don’t have to go, it’s fine really; I can go with a friend”) and at least pretends like he’s having a good time (well, kind of).

Yup, that’s my John who “survived” an awesome Michael Bublé concert at the Vienna Stadthalle on Saturday night. We had super fantastic seats (picked out by me as I was not about to save any money on being up close and personal to the one and only Mr. Bublé – after all, I highly doubt that I’ll be seeing him in Mongolia). The opening act was also really cool – check out some of Naturally 7’s tunes (yes, it’s all a cappella – no instruments involved, pretty amazing)!

Now, how does one convince these types of artists to trek to the steppe?



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