Afternoon in pictures or why baking is the best winter activity…

It’s no secret that I like to cook and bake. I don’t consider myself terribly brilliant at either (well, I do know how to follow a recipe so that surely counts for something!) but, when I have the time and energy, I do enjoy spending my time in the kitchen, listening to some music (Hello Mr. Buble!), and whipping together some yummy dishes and treats.

And now that the kids are old enough to not clean out my cupboards, empty out every possible container, or spill flour and sugar all over themselves and the kitchen (true story, let’s just say it’s not easy to get flour and sugar mixed with water out of little people’s hair), it’s so much more fun to have them join me on my kitchen afternoons.

Earlier this week, we embraced the cold and yucky Vienna weather by baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – unfortunately for Luca, he was not on his best behavior and thus did not get to participate in the baking fun (and yes, this was a major punishment….cue in Juliana who was just living it up that he was in trouble, and slowly licked her spoon in front of his teary face).

Anyway, back to today. On today’s menu – crumbled apple cake – a recipe I stumbled upon last fall when I suddenly had way too many apples in our possession. It turned out to be a yummy cake from heaven (and probably has nothing to do with the “tiny” bit of sugar and butter involved) and when I made it for an Embassy Bake sale, I was told it was gone in 10 minutes (I also made it for a morning coffee at my house a few months ago and people left with pieces to take home – yup, it’s that good….or perhaps people just wanted to borrow some tupperware?).

Anyway, today I had a special helper who helped (seriously helped) every little step of the way while it continued to be cold, wet, and  not snowy enough outside to warrant some park play time. I love these lazy winter afternoons when we bake and play literally all afternoon.

My little baking queen at work: Yes, she stirred, measured, tasted, spread apples, poured….and cleaned up. I especially love that she sits on top of the washing machine while the KitchenAid is working its magic – it reminds me of cooking with my Oma back in the day when I used to sit on her washing machine and “help” make salad.


And meanwhile, the other kiddo was “too busy to help” – yeah, right!? I think he just didn’t want to participate in any baking that involved his nemesis….fruit.

Luca claimed he was too busy to play - I think he just didn't want to participate in any baking that involved his nemesis....fruit
Using his alone play time wisely to occupy his sister’s princess castle…

And this is what we’re digging into tomorrow….


Yeah, not a bad afternoon!


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