Ski week

After being back in school for all of 3 weeks, it was time for a much needed Austrian school break – ski week. Yes, this is the week where the Viennese escape the city in search of snow, slopes, and mountains. Some might say they were a little unprepared for such a sudden interruption to what was starting to become a much needed routine of going (back) to preschool again but well, whom am I to judge? And yes, the big plus of these breaks is that I get to do many of the fun things the city has to offer for kids and families.

Since we are not so great on the snow/winter sport front, I decided a much needed arts/craft week mixed in with lots of play and sleep time was just what we needed.

And that’s exactly what we did.

"All things glitter" workshop at ZOOM kids' museum - fun morning building fish and "pocket fish tanks" with glitter of course!
At the “all things glitter” workshop at the ZOOM kids’ museum –                                                      a fun morning building fish and “pocket fish tanks” with lots of glitter of course!
A favorite place "made by you" - paint your own pottery
A favorite place “made by you” – paint your own pottery

And aside from getting messy with arts projects, swimming at Dianabad, and having playdates (one of them at an indoor beergarden that had a staff person on site dedicated to doing arts/crafts with the kids – brilliant business idea!), my kids also decided it was their week to grow – literally. I mean how else can you explain two mornings of sleeping in well past 8:45am plus eating everything they could get their hands on (including fresh veggies!) for an entire week straight? No measurements were taken but their pants are a little shorter this week than they were a few days ago.

And just as our week was wrapping up, John was hit by a flu-like virus that had him miss out one of the fabulous Vienna Balls (no worries, I still went….someone had to represent our family after all!) but he sort of recovered for another favorite ball – the Roma Ball. While not the fanciest of locations, this Ball has the best music and entertainment – if John had ever learned how to ballroom dance or keep rhythm felt 100% back to normal, I am sure we would have danced the entire night away. It might be time to research dance classes in Mongolia….

In style at the Roma Ball
In style at the Roma Ball



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