Valentine Surprise

I love a good surprise and since the last surprise is already a few weeks back, it was time for a new one!

Cue in Valentine’s Day …  in the past (before kids), John and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by cooking for each other. One of us would be in charge of appetizers and dessert while the other one prepared the main dish. The only rule was that we had to cook something we had never cooked before …. it was a great tradition that sparked many interesting dinner combinations but since we both enjoyed spending time in the kitchen (and not paying absurdly high prices for fancy dinners or red roses), it became a favorite holiday. But then, kids happened and well, we really didn’t have the time or energy to lazily cook in the kitchen without anyone screaming for food right now. So we stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day – which was fine with both us of. (In all fairness, we need to get our act on this fun celebration again since now the kids can be our little helpers as we cook new meals!)

This year , I had a special little surprise for the whole family. When they woke up this morning, they were greeted with pink and red hearts on the breakfast table as well as the all time favorite – chocolate croissants – for breakfast (!) and a little bag of surprise books for everyone including the quintessential read for every international foodie out there.

Ah, a fun morning indeed. Happy Valentine’s Day all – the kids got so excited about this holiday that their stuffed animals are now pecking each other on the cheek and wishing each other “happy Valentine’s Day – because I love you.”




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