Czech’ing out Prague

We spent the past few, sunny and lovely spring days “czech’ing” out Prague. I mean, how could we not? It’s an easy drive from Vienna although a word of caution, if you do drive, make sure to take the route through Brno and not follow the signs for “Praha” from the Vienna highways unless you are keen on exploring small Czech villages and country roads and being stuck behind trucks.

In any case, we made it!

What did we do? Czech out this lovely place, of course!

Czeching out Prague
Czeching out Prague

We also toured the Castle District – Juliana was searching high and low for that princess we told her had lived there many, many years ago….Luca was less impressed. Oh well.

Oohing and ahhing over gold and shiny things and everything princess
Oohing and ahhing over everything gold and shiny things and searching for that princess….

And then we took to the waters – a boat trip, complete with ice cream treats for the kids!

Boat tour!
Boat tour!

We took in more culture by visiting the small Museum of Communism – a great museum, not to be missed, even if some thought it was a bit sleep-inducing…

Communism Museum

And finally, it was time to reward the kids for their patience as we dragged them from one museum to the other and made them walk A LOT as they would say….. so, we took them to the “train restaurant.” Yup, a restaurant in which a miniature train brings drinks to your table – the only downside is that you have to order more beers on your kids’ requests. Rough life.


We also played a zillion rounds of “Connect 4” – a new family favorite – where I unfortunately learned that 4-year olds pick up game strategy pretty quickly….so I had to be “nice” and “let Luca win a few rounds.”

And then, on our last night, we shied away from the (monotonous) Czech cuisine and devoured mussels and fries at a great Belgian restaurant – just in time to toast my birthday!

Happy birthday to me!

All in all – a great little birthday get-away! Next up? Another close-by favorite city – stay tuned!


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