Spring in Budapest

Hands down – one of my favorite cities in this part of the world is Budapest, Hungary. We just returned from our second visit and had a blast. I mean, the city has everything – tons of culture, many fun green spaces for the kids to run wild, good food, and spas galore!

On one particularly warm and sunny morning, I *had* to sit and enjoy a traditional Hungarian bathhouse all by myself. I know, it was really hard. All alone, I had to soak in the warm and bubbly waters and wait for my very Hungarian massage to begin (Ladies be forewarned, let’s just say that Hungarian massages are a bit more “hands-on” than the ones you might be accustomed to in other parts of the world).

Yes, I had to sit here and enjoy this beautiful view of the Szechenyi Bath (dating back to 1908) while John took the kids to the near-by zoo. It was a really rough morning (and an awesome birthday present!).


What else did we do? Explore the city, of course! We walked for many, many hours and stopped by every playground (and bathroom) we could find. And there were many.



See, there was so much fun to be had!


I mean there was ice cream (“watermelon, Dad – it has to be watermelon, please! It’s pink!”), getting soaked running through trick fountains, petting a new favorite sticky gummy frog and carrying it in the palm of your hands for an hour before eating it, and taking in the city….yup, it was all that and some (did I mention we also added a day of swimming at Aquaworld?)

On the way home, we stopped by Memento Park to admire communist statues. Turns out the kids much preferred playing in the “Trabi” than having discussions about Lenin….but regardless, there was tons of fun to be had. We left with the obligatory communist pins (a present for the kids from the friendly shop keeper).



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