My children broke me

Well, perhaps *they* didn’t break all of me (yet). But they (or someone) certainly broke my belly button. Yes, you read that correctly.

I have a broken belly button (literally, that’s what it means in German “Nabelbruch”). Or an “umbilical hernia” in English (sounds less dramatic, right?). And no, I had no idea this was even possible. I mean, sure you can break arms, legs, hips, etc but belly buttons? That seems pretty odd to me but apparently it can happen as a result of pregnancy or weight gain (and boy, did I gain weight with both kiddos!) or lifting heavy things (or people, I might add).

As you read this, I am having (minor) surgery to repair this crazy little thing in the hopes of preventing any sort of future emergency surgery because let’s face it, I can communicate better in German than in Mongolian and the word “emergency” associated with surgery doesn’t sound like much fun.

So, thanks for any well wishes in the meantime and make sure to give extra appreciation to your healthy belly button!


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