Life’s a circus

Easter Break – what a few crazy and FUN days it has been. Well, perhaps minus that whole belly button surgery thing but, all things considered, it wasn’t that bad and having a doctor tell you that you are not allowed to do any sit-ups or lift anything heavy is actually not as terrible as one might think (I mean you really have to embrace it when your doctor advises against exercise, right?!).

I was a bit nervous as the surgery was scheduled right before the kids’ Easter break from preschool and I wasn’t sure how quickly I’d get back on my feet to allow us to do anything fun. Add in that the preceding (many) weeks were a lot bit on the challenging side with both kids taking hourly turns sitting in time-out (the ultimate punishment if you ask them) for talking back (oh how that bugs me!), whining, or just melting down and forgetting how to speak (that bugs me even more).

It seems that this behavior, very fortunately, lies in the past (fingers crossed). The kids and I had a blast these past couple of days – perhaps it was the extra attention they were receiving or the fact that I had to slow down a bit but my kids suddenly switched on their best behavior setting. It was awesome – and now, that I know how wonderfully well behaved they can be, I will expect nothing less. Ever again.

Since they were so well behaved, we dove into all things fun…. unlimited playmobil playtime and village redesigns, visits to the ZOOM kids’ museum and technical museum (where we spent, I kid you not, 5 hours and I had to drag the kids out because I was ready to go), and, of course, a trip to the chocolate factory and a visit from the Easter Bunny.

And just when we thought we had done everything fun Vienna had to offer, I found out that a circus had come to town! And that Easter Monday was “family day” with 5 Euro tickets a person – what a bargain! So who are we to keep our kids away from their love for horses? To the circus we went….and had – as to be expected – a blast!

So excited just looking at pictures of horses!
So excited just looking at pictures of horses!
Ginormous bag of popcorn in hand, and we're ready for showtime!
Ginormous bag of popcorn in hand, and we’re ready for showtime!

Did I mention that we were also able to visit and pet the circus animals? Yeah, try to top those smiles!


I think we can safely assume that we will be talking for the next week, over and over again, of all the fun times at the circus – the clown throwing water and popcorn at the audience, the ponys running underneath the horses, or the llama tripping over a hurdle (“but Mom, why did it trip over it? Why didn’t it just jump over it like all the others?”). Yes, it was a fun outing!

Back to preschool they go tomorrow; good thing I still have them for a good chunk of the afternoon and evening every day where they are all mine….on their best behavior for sure!


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