Spring in Austria is also known as “Gatsch” (mud) season.

Why, you ask? Well let’s just say that the turning on of water fountains and water pumps located inside (yes, inside!) or near-by sand-pits and playgrounds might have something to do with it.

Yes, it’s not pretty. So this is what my afternoons look like:

Recently Updated2

Covered in mud – head to toe…..why?

Because my kids spend hours, literally hours, doing this:

Recently Updated3

After many hours of digging, laying, rolling and jumping in the mud, this is how we leave:


Yup – without pants. Because I am certainly not going to wash all that mud out in my kitchen sink. No way.

So what do they do in their undies and dirty t-shirts in the park? Go get an ice cream cone, of course. How else am I going to get them away from all that mud?!



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