Every now and then….

…you just need a weekend away. Away from city life. Away from the kids. But apparently not away from rain.

Last weekend, we set out to our second, EVER overnight alone in the past 5 years (the first barely a few months away….but oh, such a distant memory!). And we were not all alone this time around – no, we traveled with our dear friends Mark and Julia who also needed a break from being parents. The plan was simple: drive about an hour to Lake Neusiedl (“Neusiedler See”), rent some bikes, and drive from vineyard to vineyard to sample local wine and relax.

Well, we made it to the Lake alright – in the pouring rain and cold! Yes, the day before we were getting muddy and stripping kids to their underwear and the next day, we were (barely) keeping warm with scarves and sweaters. This is the hardship of Austria.

So, onto Plan B: Ferry tour around the Lake – yes, we saw lots of water, for sure. But, all was rescued when we learned we could taste some wine on board – which we did. And as an extra bonus, the rain was gone when we left the boat!

Boat tour in the rain - we saw lots of water for sure
Boat tour in the rain – not to worry, we were prepared with umbrellas!
Dirty money!
Dirty money!

And what’s a fun outing without a little surprise?  A 20 Euro kind of surprise? Not much – which is why I decided to pick up that bill even though I found it in the Heuriger bathroom and treat everyone to some (more) wine and cheese. Yes, you’re welcome.



And then, the next morning – the rain and bitter cold were gone (traded for gusty wind). So we finally did what we had traveled to do: rent bikes.

Bike gang - us vs. the wind
Bike gang – us vs. the wind
Vineyards and Lake Neusiedl
Vineyards and Lake Neusiedl

And so we biked  (5km but who was counting?) – against the wind – to the next town over. We passed by lush vineyards, barnyards animals (freakishly looking pigs that looked like sheep from a distance with white fur), and the lake. If you squint your eyes, you can see the lake in the backdrop of the picture.


We made it to the “quaint” (Mark’s words) little charming town of Rust – home to countless vineyards, storks, and hearty restaurants…

Beautiful small town of Rust
Beautiful small town of Rust – see the stork’s nest?
(Baby) Conrad's wine!
(Baby) Conrad’s wine!

….and then, we realized – way too soon – that we had other little people in our lives and it was time to head back home. But not after stocking up on some wine – Baby Conrad needed to know there was wine made in his honor, after all!





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