It’s that time….

It’s that time – again – ….that time that repeats itself every few years and that never seems convenient: the time to get ready and organized to move.

I refuse to count how many more days we have left in Vienna and I am very much pretending to not have received the email containing our flight information back to the U.S. I am also beginning to wonder how long it would take someone from post to notice if we’re not on the plane – surely, we could add a few more weeks to our stay in Vienna, right?

Vienna is certainly a difficult place to leave. We’ve loved every moment of calling this city home. And yes, I realize this was perhaps the easiest place for us to ever get posted as I had no language or cultural barriers. Well, perhaps there were a few “odd” Austrian words to get used to like “Mistkübel” for ‘garbage’ which is now Juliana’s only way of describing what I would regularly call “Abfall” in standard German, but it’s certainly a very easy life if I can just open my mouth and communicate effortlessly with people around me.

But now it’s time to think ahead – not just to our temporary move back to the U.S. but also to our next “big” move to Mongolia. So I am spending my mornings sorting our belongings, bringing trunk loads of things to be donated to a local charity, taking pictures of our belongings and backing them up on a cloud, and stocking up on those essentials that would be difficult to come across in the near future: German reading material – I may have gone a little crazy in our little local store. And yes, that is a book about deserts – got to learn about the Gobi, right?

German books galore!
German books galore!

And since we’re in the very fortunate situation of moving from one post that uses 220V electricity to another, I am stocking up on appliances so we are bringing a new coffee maker and cute new lamps for the kids’ rooms in Mongolia (thank you, IKEA).

That’s it at the moment…..back to backing up our online household inventory now. Thank goodness, I have moved on from counting PJs and recording everything in word files like in my novice moving days!


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