10 years

Hard to believe but it’s been 10 years since our German friends made us do this…

0000345973126 0000348924920

on our wedding day.

As in right outside the church after we had just said “I do.”

You see, in German custom, it’s a fun little surprise to demand that newlywed couples tackle their first, joint (silly) job as soon as possible so that there can be many witnesses and experts to provide necessary and supportive guidance (“you have to saw the log”).

And so we battled with the wood and the saw for many, many hours (I exaggerate) until our friends were satisfied and let us continue our merry newlywed way!

Happy 10 years of marriage – here’s to the next few decades together (without sawing wood)! And what better way to celebrate than watching the US-Germany World Cup game tonight?


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