Oh the heart break….

Moving is hard – there is the planning, the organizing, the packing up and oh yes, the “getting the kids to agree to move with you” part.

But moving is especially hard when you have to leave a special, “bestest” (the kids’ word) friend behind.

We’ve tried, to the best of our abilities, to break down the moving around the world part to their level and make it sound exciting. It seems to be working as they are excited about our upcoming changes. They’re looking forward to traveling by plane again (endless movies and almost no enforcement on regular, everyday rules as we’re all in survival mode) and they, of course, can’t wait to see their grand-parents again and go shopping (Juliana: “Mama, I would like new shoes, please when we’re in America”).

The part about not coming back to Vienna for the foreseeable future has been a bit more challenging to convey. We have mentioned, more than once, that sometime soon it will be time to say “see you later” to their bestest little friend (we have strict rules to not say ‘good-bye’ – it’s just too final and let’s face it, in this day and age of technology, aren’t we all using social media or Skype?).

Afternoon excitement as we set out for yet another Viennese adventures
Afternoon excitement as we set out for yet another Viennese adventure

These “3 peas in a pod” have been inseparable – playing together every day at preschool, and, during the afternoons, zipping around Vienna to explore new play areas, taste every bakery and ice cream store, and get as muddy and dirty as possible.

Every outing has been wonderful with lots of fun, laughter, “Gatsch” (mud), and the occasional melt-down (99% of the time my kids). I am tearing up just thinking about their last play date (for now – who knows, perhaps we can work out a reunion in Mongolia? After all, all 3 kids are obsessed with horses) and all that explaining we’ll be doing when they will be asking to play with MaVi when we’re back in the U.S.

Thank you MaVi and family for the wonderful memories. Until next time….on Skype or social media or somewhere in person (Mongolia is lovely in the summer….just saying!).

[Note to self: don’t pack up all of the tissues yet.]


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