Shopped out

Shopped out – that we are indeed! We’re still reporting here from our month of home leave, in which we’re splitting up our time battling the heat of Texas and the tropical humidity in Florida while engaging in the American favorite past-time of shopping.

So, with another suitcase fully packed (in addition to the 7 suitcases packed to their fullest that we brought from Vienna) and probably a box or more ready to be mailed to our new/temporary home in the Northern VA area, we’re officially done with shopping…for the moment. Until, of course, we get to set up our new home in a few days (oh the lists in my head for those initial crazy shopping trips).

What else has been happening around here?

Taking in the fun and nature of Florida!



And even though Luca was begging to go back to feed the flamingos at Jungle Gardens and watch parrots roller skate, he was not impressed with the amount of noise these birds can make!

My sensitive little one – too much noise from those pesky birds!

Oh and we had lobster! It was delish!!!



And then, Jules turned on her explorer mode as we took to the swamps to look for some ‘gators…




Next up? Our last move for the moment….back to the “home front” of Northern VA! Stay tuned!


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