Here we are, back again in the old stomping grounds of Northern Virginia – it’s the third time we’re here so now so I feel pretty comfortable figuring out everyday logistics like grocery shopping and navigating the area. In our nomadic life, this is more or less our home-base although neither John nor I will say we’re from this area when someone asks.

This idea of “home” has been on my mind for a while now. I used to joke that no matter where we are, wherever there’s the empty suitcase, that’s our home – and that definition fits more or less for our life. I mean, we are pro’s at this packing and unpacking thing now (well, me really….John’s very good at staying out of my way when I stress about packing yet again another suitcase).

So, what really makes a new place home?

Of course, having our valuable things there helps (toys for the kids, kitchen appliances and technological gadgets, etc.) And, sure there are those awesome wall stickers the kids pick out for their rooms that really transform and personalize a white wall but for me, this is truly what makes our new apartment home:



Yes, we had the pleasure of doing a photo-shoot with the very talented Kelly Brown in Vienna just before we left! She took amazing pictures of our family in our favorite park and now I have been busy framing and creating huge canvases for everyone to see. And yes, we did actually hang up pictures in our temporary home!

With suitcases unpacked, things organized, the kids in a routine, AND pictures up on the wall – I feel at home. Let the adventures begin!


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