Home for the holidays

Home for the holidays – yes, it’s true, we were in fact “home” for the holidays this year – the first time in the past 5 years that we got to spend Christmas in the good ole US of A and with tons of cousins to goof around!

Did we have fun? You be the judge of that….



So, yes – if you still must ask, it was a super fun time to spend with family – we spent many hours playing old and new board games, watching sports, breaking into an impromptu family soccer game (shout-outs to the grandparents who took no mercy on their grandchildren and to team Cobra which may or may not have defeated the unnamed team …. technicalities if you ask), baking, snuggling up with cousins, watching movies, taking in a pirate show, and loosing Jules in a playroom full of all things pink AND Barbies (seriously, I did not see my daughter most of the trip).

So we all had tons of fun … well except for one little grumpy dude who came down with a weird virus the day before we left and spent most of his time being super unhappy and disgruntled kind of looking like that ….

Mr. Sunshine
Mr. Sunshine

Yeah, so that was fun. But, it turns out he was not patient zero for a scarlet fever outbreak and he’s on the road to recovery now. Whew.

Hope your holidays were as wonderful as ours – let’s see what 2015 has in store for us!

Happy new year!


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