2 Texans braved the January cold

Luca had a few days off from school so John’s parents braved the cold and snow and left the comforts of their warm Texas home to visit us. And yes, it snowed – not much but it did – but we managed to keep warm with tons of fun indoor activities:

3 Smithsonian museums in a half day (can you guess which ones? Of course, the top favorites – American History, Natural History, and Air & Space including a fun show at the planetarium) – and don’t worry, we were back home in time for the Super Bowl; a “real” Georgetown experience that did not just include those decadent cupcakes but also a round of bowling (and Grand-Dad graciously let the kids beat him); another half day at the other Air & Space museum; and a rainy day spent at the mall watching the Paddington movie!

Oh, and then there was bread – did I mention I now bake bread? So much in fact, that when I have an “off” baking day, Luca is at a loss for words (“but what will we eat?”).

Thanks for braving the Virginia cold – grand-parents! Now, please don’t tell us how warm and toasty it is in your corner of the world – a little ground-hog told us we’re in for some more winter….



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