March madness

We continue to keep busy around here – weekly Mongolian language classes for me, daily ones for John, school, sports and all that but this past week, we enjoyed some change from our everyday routine and celebrated the kids’ spring break with not only one but two sets of visitors!

Not only did Oma and Opa come to celebrate the arrival of spring but the kids’ very best friend from Vienna (Austria, not VA!) came to visit with her parents – and what fun we had! There was the zoo, the Air & Space museum, Mt Vernon, and many hours of playtime …. and of course, a few tears when they had to part ways again.

Loving Marie time
Loving spending their time with Marie

And then there was my birthday – a perfect day indeed. Beautiful weather, a fun day at the zoo, fantastic presents and flowers, cake AND Sachertorte, hand delivered from Vienna, a much needed phone call with a dear friend posted “over there” and finding out some exciting news, many lovely cards in the mailbox, and a super nice and relaxing dinner at a favorite local tavern with dear friends/family from near and far.

Birthday fun
Birthday fun – can you spot the birthday bling?

Ah, here’s to 37 or as my kids would say “you’re really that old, Mom?!”


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