May so far

When you have a kid who writes in his book for you that he loves his Mom as much as “dinosaurs” love “plants,” you know it’s seriously the best mother’s day to date. Add in some beautiful jewelry and more art work from kid #2, and it’s a done deal!

blog28And how was Luca’s birthday, you ask? Awesome as to be expected – at home we celebrated with good friends, pizza, and chocolate cup cakes and oh yes, a bunch of presents. And it would have been perfect had Luca not broken down in tears – yet again – over the now mandatory party game of Schokoladenessen. Yup, we have had tears during the game now every year – let’s see if the magical age of 7 puts and end to that spell (and perhaps the parents can remember next time to prepare him accordingly beforehand, reminding him – yet again – that everyone will eventually get to eat lots of chocolate!)

blog26And then there was his birthday party at school – can anything top that dino-mite cake I made for him? I think not!



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