Budding Ballerina

My little “girlie” girl had her first dance recital this weekend and to say she was beyond thrilled to jump up on that stage would be the understatement of the century. Luca, on the other hand, was not nearly as excited to sit through the community center’s dance performances but perked up at the promise of post-dance dinner and dessert!

And here she is – in full neon pink and orange madness getting ready to dance her heart out to “Let it grow” from the Lorax.

Happiness in pink!
Happiness in pink!

How did she do?

Well, when the curtain opened, this was her face:

What? What am I supposed to be doing again?
What? What am I supposed to be doing again?

Yes, a little moment of trepidation that lasted for a tiny second before she bounced back and rocked her heart out!


And despite her constant discussion that she would be done dancing once we move to Mongolia (because she would like to play soccer there), she asked in all seriousness if I could sign her up for the next dance class again so that she can dance in front of an audience again – preferably on stage. Yup, a true budding ballerina!


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