We are dinosaurs, hear us ROAR!

Yes, that could have been the motto of Luca’s joint birthday party. Alternatively, another good title would have been “2 Moms having too much fun planning their sons’ birthday party!”

It all started with these guys:

IMG_7928Or rather with these two little big boys having a birthday exactly one year and one week apart to the day. Both also LOVE dinosaurs and had been talking about having a dinosaur birthday party for months.

Happy boys and a happy/growling T-Rex
Happy boys and a happy/growling T-Rex

Cue in two Moms who spent (way too) many hours slaving away researching the wisdom of the internet, which resulted in this:


Very important here – the huge cup of coffee which was necessary to help us wake up to set up and claim “our” spot at a favorite playground in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Missing from the pictures are our concerned looks, constant weather checks, and frantic phone calls to the husbands who were slated to run last-minute errands and research tarp and canopy options for the impending thunderstorm.

Fortunately, the weather played along – no rain just a drizzle in the morning but sadly the humidity melted all of the cupcakes (dripping frosting + kids = tons of fun) and our food wasn’t worth hanging onto at the end of the afternoon. The cakes also looked a little wetter than before. Things that happen when you live in former swamp land.

How did we keep the kids busy? Well, there was a fossil dig:

blog32A much anticipated dinosaur egg hunt:

blog34A dinosaur egg race:

blog35And a piñata plus a “balloon guy” who created fantastic balloon animals for the kids. All in all – a super party. Major shout-out to Kasia for her organizational and baking skills. See these cakes? She made them….from scratch (I know, and you thought I was creative!).

IMG_8029Now onto figuring out how we can improve this birthday party next year. Perhaps with a real dinosaur dig in the Gobi desert?


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