Memorial Day weekend

Our mission this past weekend was to spend as much time outdoors and enjoy the sun while we still can.

This sudden realization came a few days after finding out that we will need to carry some of our winter gear on the plane with us when we move to Mongolia in August. You see we were told that the first snow arrived in September last year – and if that’s the case again this year, let’s just say I’d like to be ready for that.

So outdoors we went – Saturday we spent the day walking the Northern Virginia trails (well, we were walking or rather running after the kids who were riding their scooters) before stopping for a good German meal and pastries at the Heidelberg pastry shop.

Sunday, we headed to a favorite farm for a strawberry festival and lots of “pick your own” fun. Nothing can beat a wagon ride to the strawberry fields!

blog38And yes, Juliana insisted in picking strawberries in a dress but it was a good thing I brought an extra set of clothes “just in case” as she slipped on gravel while running and bruised up her entire left thigh. Good thing I always carry my mini-first aid kit with me.

But that didn’t bring anyone down – lots of fun was still be had at the farm including a cow train ride, animals, and more – the only way to get the kids to leave was to bribe them with chocolate ice cream.


On Memorial Day we hit the trails again and watched our Little City’s Memorial Day parade. We didn’t quite know what to expect but had lots of fun – and why had we forgotten that there was so much candy involved at parades? When the kids weren’t waving their little flags, they were busy stuffing candy into their mouths – so, all in all, win/win for everyone since John and I got our treats in the form of a cold beer at a local brewery before we soaked in the sun and the parade!

blog40 blog41I just hope it won’t (still) be snowing next year on Memorial Day in Mongolia!



4 thoughts on “Memorial Day weekend

  1. We were in Mongolia on horseback and bikes on Labor Day weekend several years back and the day before we left winter moved in overnight. Bring those coats …. and also thermals for under pants and shirts. I must add, though, we couldn’t keep our eyes off the blue and the openness of Mongolian skies.

    1. I just spent a day this week sorting through our winter gear and making the oh so common FS piles: things to bring on the plane, airfreight, household effects. Glad you enjoyed Mongolia – we’re so excited to see those blue skies (amid the cold!).

      1. There are also these things called yak-tracks – basically big rubber bands that you put on the heal of your boot and over your toes and metal coils are then under your shoe/boot so that you have traction for walking in icy snow. Great on everything but frozen marble walks. Easy to put on and off over any shoe/boot/size. They were a Godsend in Harbin, China during the ice festival to go walking around parks, etc. Also there are the hand warmers that you break and go in pockets or gloves to keep fingers warm when you want/have to be out in the cold for longer hours.

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