Coming & Going

The many up’s and down’s of life are multiplied exponentially in this foreign service life especially when it comes to saying “see you soon” (never “good-bye”) to dear, dear friends. I mean, what is a Mom to say when her 6-year old hugs his little heart following a farewell dinner with his best little buddy and sobs uncontrollably “Mama, it hurts right here”?

Yes, it most certainly does hurt this saying “see you later” business. So much in fact that I am apparently also getting more emotional with each farewell with close friends (cue in the tears at the drop of the words “ok, it’s time now”).

This past weekend we wished off dear friends, you know the ones who are always up for doing anything especially if it involves good fun, food, and/or wine. Like when they call you on a Thursday and say “hey, we found a bed/breakfast place way out in the country side for the weekend, want to come?” – the only right response to that question is whether or not you need to bring a bathing suit (the answer is yes). Or when you plan on spending Easter brunch with them and then you find yourself getting annoyed hours later because the kids are bouncing off the walls only to realize that it is already 9pm and way past their bedtime.

I mean look at these 4 kids – so happy to have spent the past few months together!


And then take a look at these two – do you see that little spark between the littlest “oldest married couple” as we call them?


I do see a potential future formal relation in our future….just saying!


So, what is a parent to do to help kids deal with these farewells other than promising we will Skype and write letters and keep in touch until we see each other at an already planned vacation (too far away)? The answer is CHOCOLATE – well, brownie sundaes to be exact.


And then make everyone pose in the awesome Mongolia theme shirts our friends gave to us.


So… dear Smith family – thanks for the past few fun months – see you soon in your neck of the woods!



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