Summer so far

The kids have been out of school for 2 weeks and it’s been a great, super fun 2 weeks of where I have my kids all to myself! Yes, I may eat my words in a few weeks when they’re driving me crazy but I’ve had so much fun having them home and planning activities. So far, they’ve been on board with my program so that’s been good.

What have we been doing? Well, the kids dove into the fun swim classes – so much in fact that Luca started diving the first day of class and hasn’t stopped yet.

blog42Luca, my new sporty one, also embraced one of my favorite sports – tennis – now taking lessons a few times a week and making contact with the ball more often than not. While my attempts of playing with him have not been so successful yet (“Mom, you are not throwing the ball correctly!”), there is hope.


Juliana likes playing every now and then as well although if there’s a little friend to be played with on the playground, tennis quickly becomes a distant love.

Aside from play time, there’s some “serious” academic work we’re doing at home 🙂 Joking aside, the kids have work books in which we aim to complete a few pages every day to keep their little brains going! And they’re having fun with it too!


So much, in fact, that Luca has suddenly transformed into an independent and avid reader. He will now read everything he can get his hands on!

We signed up for the summer reading program at our library and he read five books in less than a week – all alone. Now he needs to wait until August to collect his prize so to keep him reading, we created our own family summer reading log – and promised for every 5 books he reads aloud alone, he will get a new “Magic School Bus” book (his favorite). Good thing I was able to find a huge lot of them on eBay ….



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