Counting down

Well it looks like it’s been exactly a month since my last (and only!) summer update – it’s not as if I haven’t drafted blog posts in my head during the past few weeks but the part of actually finding the time to sit and put them to paper (screen) has been lacking. You see, we’re in countdown mode to leave for Mongolia (finally!).

At this point we are looking at 2.5 weeks to go which means that the past few weeks were spent visiting with family, organizing farewell dinners with friends, and checking off items on our Washington DC bucket list.

First off, a trip to see Oma and Opa in Florida – just the kids and me along with the daily all-day long monsoons. We still made it to the beach, did lots of arts & crafts, swam every day, and learned a new appreciation for tadpoles and frogs that invaded Oma’s new pond by the dozens (hundreds?) and turned Luca into an expert frog/tadpole hunter. Good thing those newly purchased goldfish aided in the completion of the circle of life!


And while we had a fabulous time away, one of the biggest smile I saw from Luca that week was this one – when Dad picked us up at the airport …. He didn’t really want to admit it but he missed his Dad a whole lot.


Then, barely home, we checked off a visit to the top of the Washington Monument with Foreign Service friends before they moved and then it was time for the grand-parents and one set of aunt and uncle and a handful of cousins to take on Washington! Cue in dancing music, many board games, water parks, and another item checked off the Bucket list (a visit to the popular Spy museum, very much worth it), and we all had a blast.


And then, with the blink of the eye, we were alone again here in our “home” turf so that John could demonstrate his Mongolian language expertise at his school (work?) [yay!] and for us to dive into the last few things to take care of before heading East.

But not before we could tick off a few more bucket list items like finally, finally, finally (!) making it to the Newseum today (at $10 adult admission – a huge discount) followed by a heart-felt farewell visit to the Air & Space museum where we watched – yet again – another fascinating IMAX movie on space.


And while the weather is hot and humid and I am more than ready to move and explore a new city and country and get settled (again), we’ll miss these leisurely times we’ve had exploring Washington, DC and visiting with family.

Until next time, let’s see if I can squeeze in another blog post before we move?!


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