National Amusement Park

Our first Sunday in UB when John was at home becoming good friends with the internet guy, I decided I had learned enough Mongolian to get around with the kids on my own. After all, I could (more or less) identify all the letters and even sound out a few signs on billboards and hey, I also learned that English can go a long way in some places here.

So, I thought an afternoon with the kids at the very near-by amusement park should be easy peasy (as the kids like to say). I mean when you see these fun attractions in the middle of the city, who would say no to going there?
blog50You know who says no? The people who’ve been informed about the safety inspection of the rides …. apparently the roller coaster here has not met any of the recommended safety standards and when you hear it rolling and thundering (especially in the dark of night!), everyone kind of pauses to look up and see what’s happening.

You don’t believe me? Just take a look at the “secure” cable holding those little carts on another ride..

IMG_9092Yes, so my challenge going in was figuring out which kiddie rides would not just be cool enough but also safe enough for the kids to enjoy. Fortunately we found this ride which they thought was kind of fun….



On an unrelated note, another and unexpected challenge I may have come across was this sign at the park entrance and the realisation that none of the staff spoke English (or German for that matter….I didn’t even try Portuguese).


I admit, after a few slight moments of panic and wanting to run back home and hide with my English speaking comrades here, I followed Luca’s words of wisdom and just spoke very slowly (while wildly gesturing).

And, it worked.

I managed to figure out the system of how and where to buy tickets which is not as easy as one might expect. Thankfully, this made it a successful outing for sure.

And no, we will not ever go on the roller coaster ride here, don’t even think about it.



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