On the dinosaur trail

It’s no surprise that we have an in-house dinosaur expert.

Since piecing together that dinosaurs once roamed Mongolia, Luca has been busy keeping record of exactly which types of dinosaurs lived in our new stomping grounds and when. Some might say he’s a little liberal in his so called “facts,” but who’s to correct a little guy with such passion?

So he was in for a very special treat when a “mobile dinosaur museum” came to UB during our first week! Yes, it’s a little mini-museum in a trailer that travels throughout Mongolia to educate kids about dinosaurs.

Of course we jumped on the bandwagon and turned this into a field trip with friends. See Luca’s excitement? He could hardly contain himself.IMG_9166Well, until he realised that it was a small exhibit because it needed to fit in a trailer. Someone may have been a little spoiled by all of our excursions to the Smithsonian institutions…

blog51To see some bigger, badder dinosaurs, we dutifully read in our guide book that a visit to the Mongolian Natural History Museum cannot be missed – so here we were, a few days later, off to see some bones.

We made it to the museum without problem but can you tell what might be troublesome?


Yes, the closed door. Or rather, the closed windows AND closed doors and lack of signs. It turns out the museum is closed – or rather – it has been closed for years.

So our search for some real big Mongolian dinosaur bones shall continue.

In the meantime, we made do with some souvenir shopping ….blog52Whew, saved by the dinosaur hat and little ger treasure boxes!


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