More weekend fun

Last weekend marked the school “fall” fair – I use quotation marks because we had been warned (by more than one person) that it is generally cold and windy at the festival and to dress warm since the event is held outdoors. Apparently, there was even snow last year so imagine our surprise when the sun fully cooperated and we ended up having to remove layers and layers of clothing as the day progressed. But who were we to complain?

We didn’t know what to expect of the festival other than a few games here and there but it was a fun fair where we spent the better part of the day. There was even lots of Mongolian culture including music, dance, and a contortionist who mesmerised the kids.


What was the best part of the festival for the kids? Nope, not the prize “yoyo” that Juliana won with her winning tickets …


… but this. The basket “silent” auction. Can you guess what kind of basket Luca begged John to bid on (bidding was only allowed for adults, I imagine that rule came from experience….) – yes, a dinosaur themed basket.


That he won. Of course. A bargain at 35,000 MNT if you ask me filled with tons of dinosaur stuff, which is good because it’s not like we had any of that before.

And then what did we do the next day? Another death march around town – with no real destination in mind (how hard that was to explain to the kids….). See, it was another sunny and wonderful UB day of blue sky.

Bonus point if you can find the ger/yurt in the restaurant!

The only true mission we had for our march was to end here for lunch – at the “real” German Döner place. Yes, we had German-Turkish food here in Mongolia, and you know what? It was delicious!


Next up? Snow later in the week….or so we’re told.


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