‘Tis the Season

We’re gearing up for the holiday season in Mongolia in style! Remember our
“lush” green backyard from a few months ago?

With the temperatures dropping further and further, we said “good-bye” to the green grass and gave an enthusiastic “hello” to the ice skating rink. Yes, you read that correctly; we have an ice skating rink in our backyard! How fun is that?!

Sure, it takes some bundling up to get everyone out the door but, oh the fun to be had!

blog59And since we’re a multicultural family, we celebrated one of our favourite family holidays – Nikolaus or St. Nicholas Day today.

The kids put their boots in front of the (inside of our) door last night (to avoid freezing…..turns out the door doesn’t seal 100% so some of their goodies still ended up a tad cold when they found them this morning).

This morning, they woke up to see if Nikolaus thought they had been good children. Judging from their loot, it seems like they had been and it’s also a good thing that Nikolaus was smart to provide great indoor activity presents since the cold and terrible air pollution is keeping us more or less at home (last week the AQI hit somewhere around 600-800 and it’s only going to increase).


Happy holiday season to wherever you are in the world!


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