Ever since moving to Mongolia last summer, we have been dutifully window shopping at the various beautiful cashmere stores as we’re discovering the truth in those words of wisdom of Mongolians that cashmere is really “the” product to keep you warm.

During our various shopping trips, John – who does not, whatsoever, under no circumstance, ever – like to shop, discovered the Mongolian cashmere fedora hats.

And promptly decided he needed one.


That turned out to be more difficult than planned since we are in Mongolia, after all, where store inventories are; well, not so great.

Further complicating our hunt was the fact that his particular hat is only sold by one cashmere distributor (Gobi; it turns out the hat is manufactured in Italy with Mongolian cashmere) and that the two Gobi stores in UB we have been somewhat regularly visiting since John decided he cannot live without a малгай, don’t just have limited quantities (think 3 or 4 hats in random sizes and colors) but that they are also inconsistently sized  so we couldn’t place an order for a particular hat in his size since hat sizes remain a mystery.

And then today – John hit the ultimate Mongolian cashmere fedora jackpot. May I present his new look?

Happy John; hat is also a perfect accessory for checking one's phone....
Happy John! Sidenote: this hat is also a perfect accessory for checking one’s phone….

Yes, that is one happy John with an awesome hat.

Lesson learned? Apparently you cannot buy these types of hats in your 30’s.

See, 40 is already not looking so bad?!


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