IMG_4778Apparently, this photo was taken 5 years …. and a few countries ago.

And today, this young handsome little guy turns 7 – SEVEN – how did that happen? Wasn’t I just pregnant yesterday?

Here’s to 7, Luca, my sensitive, sweet, smart, and creative little man who will get up at 8am on a Saturday to build a toy he doesn’t have out of construction paper and glue.

The kid who will not eat an apple or a banana for the life of him but has no problem eating tons of squid and raw fish.

My child with his independent and strong mind, who knows his strengths even when I don’t so perhaps this year I can learn to let him take the lead (every now and then).

The kid who can always be found with a book in his hand and a request to listen to Peter and the Wolf at the dinner table.

Here’s to 7. Wishing you a super year that hopefully brings new teeth 🙂

PS – major shout out to my parents for the awesome new camera! And yes, Opa, that more than makes up for the fact that you conveniently dropped my old one in the ocean….this little camera baby is SO much better!




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