Spring in Mongolia

Where has the time gone? Apparently juggling a few jobs plus kids and birthday celebrations leave little time for writing, but at last, here we go – a brief update on spring in Mongolia.

Spring is quite the season here in Mongolia – you’d think that after the long and bitter cold winter, spring would bring lots of sunshine and warmer weather. Well, we have the sunshine although not nearly as much as we’d like – the cloudy days are much more common nowadays and spring in Mongolia equates to experiencing all four seasons within the span of a day. Seriously, I really don’t know how to dress anymore as we can go from cold mornings to really hot afternoons to cold again and then to snowstorms.

IMG_2161Yes, snowstorms in May – see for yourself. I took this picture on May 11 …. happy spring to you too!

Other than figuring out which jacket to put on today, a lot  has been going on – starting with a new hair ‘do for the one who once wished for hair as long as Rapunzel’s. Juliana surprised us all when she decided to chop it all off and while I firmly expected her to burst into tears after the fact, she never did and proudly took to her new, more mature look.


Juliana also proudly starred as “Mama Bear” in her preschool production of Goldilocks – there are few things cuter than a preschool play production.

blog63It’s a good thing her hair got chopped off since that made it easier for me to find that tick in her head a few days ago when she said, something was bothering her on her head. Yes, apparently ticks are quite common in Mongolia although it’s still not entirely clear where Juliana picked up her new friend since we hadn’t been to the countryside in a while and city ticks are not as common. Anyways, good news – I got the whole tick out and the MED unit at the Embassy was fantastic to assure me that it was really all out and that there is no Lyme Disease in country (I may have been little panicked and obsessively googling tick bites and infection for a few hours after the fact …. dangers of the Internet).

Our weekends have been busy with work but we managed to spend a wonderful day out in the countryside yesterday. Not to worry, we all wore hats to shield against ticks and of course, I promptly found one on Juliana’s hat when we sat down for lunch. Someone needs to tell that girl to stop making friends with the local wildlife.

We met up with friends at the close-by Bumbat Resort, which in case you’re heading over there yourself, be forewarned that the map on their FB page (and the GPS coordinates) is completely incorrect (oh the fun of navigating in Mongolia) but we managed to find it and had a fun day exploring.


After lunch, we went on a hike up a mountain and were connected with nature.


So much in fact that we started collecting animal bones we discovered on the way.


And yes, we washed our hands very well and checked our hair repeatedly for new friends.

So happy Memorial Day from UB where we’re again wearing long sleeves and jackets since spring is currently in the early fall mode of its four-season rotation.


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