Back to School!

Today, it was (finally) time to kick my kids out the door lovingly wake my children up early and send them off to school. May I present? The first day of Kindergarten and Grade 2!schoolYes, it was a chilly morning but the outdoor assembly to meet new teachers and hug long-missed friends warmed us all up because – school is back in session! Can we all high five each other for making it through a crazy summer?

It was a busy summer for sure with amazing trips to Europe and the Gobi and while organised summer activities are a rare thing to come by in this part of the world, we still managed to keep busy so much in fact, that Luca wished he could have “just a few more weeks of summer vacation” last night.

The kids started taking ukulele (Juliana) and guitar (Luca) lessons much to their liking, there were weekly soccer lessons with a professional soccer player who comes to our complex (’cause why not?), and let’s not forget the gazillion of books we read and all the games we played. Luca read about a book a day and expanded his National Geographic collection quite a bit. At the beginning of the break, we started teaching him one of our favourite (adult) board games “Ticket to Ride” and over the past few weeks, he has moved up to serious competitor status. And yes, there may be the occasional salty look or tear involved when he doesn’t win, but oh my gosh is it more fun to play adult board games! Juliana became an avid, avid listener to the Magic Tree House chapter books and is now counting down the days to learn how to read on her own. This summer, she took better to entertaining herself and has been known on more than a few occasions to kick me out of her room after spending hours playing dolls, play mobile, or “cooking” in her kitchen alone telling me she was too busy to talk with me; she needed to play some more.

And, my work at the American University kept everyone hanging onto the edge of their seats most of the summer. We had a few surprises and sadly, not all of them were great. So not great in fact that we do not have enough students enrolled in the fall semester to continue operation … alas, it was a crazy summer.

But all this can only mean one thing! Let’s see what kind of adventures lie ahead for us. A little chaos never hurt anyone, right?


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