Halfway around the world and back…

…in about two weeks. Yep, that was our crazy winter break travel – Mongolia to the US and back in 2 weeks. Not a problem with 2 awesome kiddos traveling and the little help of giving them unrestricted access to their Amazon Kindles (a rare treat) for the long, long plane rides. Oh they were troopers.

First stop: Texas! The 14-hour time difference proved difficult only for the adult travellers (one of us may have fallen asleep more than once mid-sentence at 8pm) but the kids dove into the boat loads of fun with their cousins. Sleepovers, movies, bowling, board games, and lots of silliness left no room for boredom or jet lag.

Also, matching Christmas PJs – ’cause that’s just how we roll!

We completed the Texas mission with a family photoshoot to finally get a picture of all grand-kids with the grand-parents and then opened up a very welcome Christmas present – hockey sticks!

Yes, we schlepped 4 hockey sticks around the world so that our ice skating rink in the backyard could become a true battle field! So excited! And yes, we already put them to use as soon as we came back but it was a tad too cold to take pictures of the fun!

After Texas, we headed further away from home (’cause why not) and visited Oma and Opa in Florida. Oh, the sunshine state …. how wonderful warm … how can we say no to lots of pool and beach time when we live in an ice cold landlocked country?

In Florida, we recreated the family photo shoot and didn’t miss a beat to include lots of silliness.

And what would be a trip to Florida without flamingos? NOTHING – which is why we spent a day at a favourite spot “Jungle Gardens” to feed flamingos and learn about tropical wildlife. And for the kids to get up close and personal with mini pythons and baby alligators. ‘Cause why not?

And then it was time to head back, way, way East … taking us an easy 2 days to make it home. We landed just after 11pm on Juliana’s birthday and let me tell you, she was not impressed at all with the idea of spending her entire special day in airplanes.

So, we celebrated her birthday in Texas, Florida, and on the plane, and in Beijing at the airport. ‘Cause why not? Major thanks to United Airlines who made her a special ice cream sundae and served it on a silver platter from First Class (oh the luxury) and wrote her a card. And major shout-out to Juliana’s Kindergarten teacher who we crossed paths with at the Beijing airport and who celebrated Juliana’s birthday with us. It’s those little fun things about living in an off-the-beaten track sort of country – you know, when you board your last (of the many) flights home and you know most of the people on board.

Now, time for a rest. I did mention the jet lag is a bit harder for the older people in this household, right?


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