The Last Hurrah

It’s been a few crazy weeks here between packing out (this is our 8th move in 11 years – yes, we can safely say I have a pretty good packing system at this point) and saying all those heart-wrenching “see you later’s” but nevertheless, we saved some time (and money) for one last hurrah – our final road trip to explore Mongolia.

This time we headed north with stops at the Amarbayasgalant Monastery and at an inactive volcano before we settled for a few days at Lake Khusvgal, Mongolia’s largest fresh water lake.

It was a memorable trip in many ways – starting with pouring rain on most days which meant washed out dirt roads that made driving all the more fun (fortunately we had hired a driver); food and lots of tummy troubles; car sickness despite dramamine (why??!?!!); and cold nights in our little ger which made me appreciate the hard work nomads face to keep fires lit during the entire night (fun fact: the little stoves heat fairly quickly but once the fire is out, the ger gets pretty cold very quickly).

Of course, this wouldn’t bring our spirits down and we were rewarded with nice (but cold!) weather at the lake which allowed for a few fun outings.

And, we saw reindeer! Yes, these are the real ones…. although we couldn’t find Rudolph.

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Next stop is “home” just a few plane rides away…. cue in the water works.

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