Settled (well, for now)

It’s been a few busy and emotional months. I am not going to lie. Moving sucks is really, really hard sometimes.

After our last big Mongolian hurrah, we boarded planes and flew half-way around the world to go back “home” or whatever that means these days.

Oh, so many emotions on that last day in our old home saying all those “see you later’s” and that dreadful last morning waking up in the wee hours of the dark driving to the airport in silence only partially interrupted by tears from the back seat (where the kids and I were snuggled tightly). It was so, so hard.

Cue in a few months later, back in the old US of A after a fabulous (and hot!) home-leave with the grand-parents and family in Texas and Florida. Now we are back in our new “home” that is starting to feel like it’s the place where we’re supposed to be (at least for a little while).

But still, our hearts sometimes ache for Mongolia and our lives there. As we adjust to new schools, rules, and (much tinier) homes, we as a family often dwell on fond memories like “remember that time Dad slipped on ice and wiped out in front of Millie’s (restaurant) in UB?” or “Mom, remember how you almost fell off that horse the last time we went riding?” or “Mom, I miss my old teachers and school so, so much it hurts.”

Yeah. This is where we still are some days. The tears are gone (mostly) but our memories live on (as cliché as that may sound) and we think of our previous life fondly. It’s funny how this lifestyle seems to put our story into different chapters depending on where we live.

But, in all honesty, a few weeks into the school year, we are feeling more or less settled. We I have successfully rearranged and redecorated our cozy little apartment and our weeks are filled with school routines and new after-school activities in which the kids are thriving (oh, to be back in a place with so many activities to choose from!).

They are making new friends and they are finding their way. It’s amazing to see how independent they have become (and how much one of them continues to grow in height. Seriously).

And I am packing 3 school lunches on a daily basis along with much-needed coffee for the Chinese language student who is also happy in his new role. As for me, I am pretending to not have to learn Mandarin and spend most days on my yoga mat (oh, to be back in a place with so many yoga teachers and styles to choose from!).

Back to school for 3 of us!

So, life is good all around. We feel settled and “here.” I am not even going to start thinking about having to do everything over again in less than a year.



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