And then we moved back to Asia.

…and we’re back to overseas life from our little “break” back “home” in the US this past year.

This past year flew by in a flash. There we were, dropped halfway around the world where we were to be “home” again (whatever that means) and enjoy the luxuries of grocery stores that never seem to close and carry everything and more your heart could desire and Target. …. oh yes, Target.

We made new friends, found our village (this is always the hardest part when moving on – setting up my “village” of friends not only for the kids but also for ourselves (game nights! dinner parties! fun times!) – you know, those friends you can text in the wee hours of the morning to help with carpooling after you are up most of the night with another kid who’s well, not feeling 100% …or finding that person to watch your kids while you have to go to work but schools decide to take a “snow delay” even though snow is nowhere on the horizon. Sigh. I digress).

That year flew by in no time and all too soon we are trying to make sense of our new reality after a busy summer filled with road trips and endless laughter with friends and family. We landed in Taipei about 3 weeks ago, just in time for a major earthquake (6.0! Boy, my knees were still shaking a few hours after the official shaking had stopped) and a typhoon that closed the city. So yes, quite the welcome.

Other than that, we are settling in well into our new “home” (well, maybe we’re not too keen co-habitating with “tropical fauna,” yes, that means big roaches in diplomatic speak). We love our neighborhood and the walkability of the city and my calves thank me daily for the 7+ mile hikes I take while we explore our new surroundings. I can survive more or less with English and a good attempt at charades plus the life-saving smartphone, however, for this year learning Chinese is not only on John’s schedule but also on mine. You know, so we can “blend” into our next home that we’ll be moving to in less than a year (I’ll be seriously over changing house and unpacking boxes so rapidly by then!).

But in the meantime, Taipei is treating us well. We are still waiting to adapt to the heat and humidity (my hair is doing some “awesome” things here) and we have learned a few valuable lessons like how to flag down a bus (no, public buses don’t stop at every stop unless you physically flag them down – cue in images of me jumping up and down while waving my hands in the air like I just don’t care), how to fish for shrimp (well, Juliana gave up once she realized the shrimp would be cooked and eaten once caught), how to duck and cover during earthquakes (just kidding, we all froze and pondered what was happening – let’s just call it a good drill), how to enjoy hot and steaming dumplings with 95F night temperature and 98% humidity at crowded night markets (well, maybe we haven’t mastered that one yet), and most importantly, how to have fun and meet new friends while we set up our new Taipei village.

So cheers for now, from the other side of the world…again.

2 thoughts on “And then we moved back to Asia.

    1. Oh, we are loving all the dumplings here! A dear friend from a previous post took us out for an amazing Taiwanese lunch with those porcupine dumplings – they were almost too cute to eat!

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