Oma & Opa in Taipei!

Right before Christmas, Oma and Opa arrived in Taipei for a fun-filled 10 days of endless eating (an appropriate subtitle to this post would be “你吃了吗 (nǐ chī le ma)?” for my Chinese speaking friends) with a pinch of sightseeing thrown in for good measure!

After acclimating to that “little” 13-hour time change (oh how fun jet lag is!), we visited Taipei 101 (where we ate way too many dumplings at Din Tai Fung), Shilin night market (where again we feasted on dumplings and pork pancakes), and dined at local restaurants (where we ate our way up and down the menu).

Aside from touring Taipei, we spent a few days at Sun Moon Lake and had the perfect temperatures to enjoy a lovely day riding a gondola and exploring and Aboriginal/Theme park (leave it to Asia to combine culture with roller coasters).

We welcome 2020 with a fun cooking class (turns out making those dumplings is no easy feat), a party with way too much food, and a last dinner on top of the mountains surrounding Taipei to eat, yet again, more Chinese food.

Thanks for flying halfway around the world to sample our food! Now excuse us while we go for a couple of hikes to burn off those calories!

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