Well, dear readers, this has surely been an interesting year. If you had asked us in January what our plans for 2020 were, it all seemed so straightforward…. wrap up language training in Taiwan by June, pack up our possessions, spend a month in Vietnam, and then head to our onward post, Wuhan, China (perhaps you’ve heard of it?) where both John and I had full-time work waiting for us. 

Obviously, A LOT of things have happened since the beginning of the year…. A lot, and I truly mean a lot of plans (we ran out of numbers and letters to designate each iteration) were made and shattered within days (and sometimes even hours) after we had come to accept another fate that involved major changes for our family. 

At one point we had the kids enrolled to start school in 3 different countries (along with all the fun medical screenings) while I also looked into homeschooling on our own (this short-lived plan was quickly thrown out). 

We became chess pieces moved at will with limited control. We were given one week’s notice that movers would pack us out to destination unknown (of course we found this out when we were out of town for the week). We spent months living in hotels in Taipei and  Washington DC waiting ….. for something to happen. 

There was, of course, much to be grateful for during the hardships of these uncertain months. We were all together and healthy, had a roof over our head, John had a job, and we had a wonderful support “village” around the world checking in with us and helping to keep our spirits up. But as the days turned into months of not knowing and being nowhere close to an answer to the question of “where will we be living next month?”, we opted to make some changes and take control back into our lives. 

Fast forward to today when we closed on our first home in the first place that has ever truly felt home and not “home” as these temporary stops around the world have been. 

It’s time for a new, local adventure where there is a “new normal” for everything and where we will be spending much more time together…. and finally feel at home. 

That is not to say our adventures of living abroad are a dream of the past…. we just need a much needed break from yearly international moves to actually live in the present moment.

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