On the road again…. kind of.

Tap, tap, tap…. Is this blog still on? 

It’s time to slowly brush the dust off this old travel/expat blog – it’s been a year (a year!) since our last trip in Taiwan so it was time, for yet again another road trip, in our new/old home country – the good US of A. 

We headed North to be reunited with dear friends from a lifetime ago (amazing how we did not age or change in over 20 years of friendship!) and join forces to explore Cape Cod and eat all the lobster there was to be had. 


It was a week to be remembered for all the food we could eat, screen doors to be met head-on, teeth lost at unexpected times, new and old nicknames to be discovered (J-pebbles and And-ler will stick from here on out), and rehashing of old memories BEFORE children (cue in a collective kids’ gasp at the thought of a time before them!). 

We lounged at the beach, ran out of the ocean after spotting a seal swimming right in front of us (hello white shark warning!), played mini-golf, ate more food, and played board games every single moment we could in which we carefully negotiated policies and were shocked to discover that our kids could easily outplay their old parents (seriously, who taught them that?).

We rounded out our trip with quality time in our old stomping grounds in Brooklyn and NYC (“kids, this is where Mom and Dad got married” “Kids, this is where Mom and Dad lived” “Kids, this is Mom’s amazing friend Heidi who you see every single time we’re in NYC yet you can’t recall her awesomeness!”) before eating our way though a chocolate factory on the way back home.  

Not bad for a first trip in quite some time…. Now, maybe the world could figure out a way to go back to “normal”?

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